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Being a Direct Selling Agent (DSA) for loans is an opportunity for individuals to work on a commission basis to gather leads for banks and other financial institutions. The demand for DSAs has been increasing as more people look to loans to achieve their financial goals. In order to find the best deals and most convenient solutions for their needs, people are always searching for reliable loan providers and DSAs. In today’s competitive market, where banks are constantly competing for customers, the job of a loan DSA is becoming more important.

Becoming a loan DSA for a bank may not be a difficult task, but it can come with its own set of limitations and workloads. Meeting targets and working under a bank can often be tedious and not well compensated. For those looking to become a loan DSA or those already in the profession, there is an alternative option. Instead of working for a bank, why not join a fintech company as an associate rather than an employee?

Fintech companies are consistently offering opportunities for individuals to become loan DSAs. Working with a fintech company as an associate program allows for more freedom and flexibility. There is no workload or restrictions and no need to meet targets. Additionally, fintech companies offer better commission rates compared to banks. It also offers the chance to become an entrepreneur with zero investment and better remuneration and benefits.

One such fintech company, DealsofLoan, based in Pune, India, offers a loan DSA program for individuals all over the country. The company, established in 2010, offers a genuine opportunity for entrepreneurship and financial growth, with a focus on better quality of life and constant flow of money and prosperity. They offer a zero-cost program, unlike others.

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