Even Von Miller asked Aaron Rodgers why the Packers weren’t passing

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“I was expecting them to throw the ball earlier, but I think they were trying to manage the game and keep the ball out of our offense’s hands a little bit so they stuck with the run,” LB Matt Milano said per Jay Shurski of The Buffalo News. “It was working for them, but they were down 17 at that point, so didn’t work out for them.”

For the Bills, running down the clock with a lead in the second half would have made sense. Often when teams are down in the second half they abandon the run in favor of passing plays to try and score and climb back into the game while teams with the lead might run the ball more to run the game clock down toward a victory. In this case, if Buffalo’s strategy was counting on the Packers taking what the defense gave them to help them run the clock down while their offense kept attacking and scoring, it worked.

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