Inside the Bradley Chubb deal

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On Tuesday, pass rusher Bradley Chubb got a new team. On Thursday, he got a new deal.

Here’s a closer look at the contract the Dolphins gave to Chubb, after giving up a package that included a first-round pick to get him from the Broncos.

1. Signing bonus: $13.487 million.

2. 2022 base salary: $575,000.

3. 2023 base salary: $19.4 million, fully guaranteed at signing.

4. 2024 base salary: $19.75 million, guaranteed for injury at signing and fully guaranteed in March 2023.

5. 2024 per-game roster bonus: $680,000 total.

6. 2025 base salary: $19.45 million, $10 million of which is guaranteed for injury but does not become fully guaranteed.

7. 2025 per-game roster bonuses: $680,000 total.

8. 2026 base salary: $19.45 million.

9. 2026 per-game roster bonuses: $680,000 total.

10. 2027 base salary: $18.48 million.

11. 2027 per-game roster bonus: $680,000 total.

12. 2023-2027 workout bonuses: $100,000 per year.

13. 2023-2027 Pro Bowl incentive: $250,000 per year.

The deal has a new-money average of $22 million per year, with $33 million fully guaranteed at signing and a practical full guarantee of $53 million.

Chubb, in terms of new-money average, ranks No. 6 among all edge rushers. The highest-paid at the position continues to be Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt, at $28 million per year.

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