Noles247 Staff Predictions: Florida State vs. Miami

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Florida State is a better team than Miami at this moment in time. I think Miami is also better than a lot of people believe, though.

While it hasn’t to led to many points, the Hurricanes’ offense has excelled in maintaining drives early on and have a great success rate, which is where FSU tends to struggle on defense. I’m optimistic that the return of Fabien Lovett can help this defense out a lot in limiting that success rate, especially in the ground game. Unfortunately for Miami, they’ve struggled to capitalize when getting in scoring opportunities, and they don’t hit many explosive plays either, so they often come away with very little to show for a solid early-drive offense.

Miami is far more talented on the defensive side of the ball, but the clear weakness in how they’ve performed is giving up long passes. This bodes well for FSU, who has been very effective all year in creating explosive plays through the air, as well as on the ground.

This FSU offense appears to be much more equipped to score score points in this game, especially with the question marks surround Miami’s QB situation, but I think the nature of this rivalry game will keeps things from getting comfortable for FSU.

Prediction: FSU 27, Miami 20

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