Gregg Popovich Addresses Lawsuit Filed Against Spurs, Joshua Primo

Spurs coach Greg Popovich spoke Friday on the lawsuit filed a day prior by an ex-team psychologist against the franchise and former player Joshua Primo for indecent exposure incidents, which she claims the Spurs ignored and attempted to cover up. Popovich said he stood by the statement released by the franchise in response to   

Dr. Hillary Cauthen, a licensed, credentialed clinical psychologist, said that Primo—who was waived by the Spurs on Oct. 28—exposed his genitals to her nine times during their individual private sessions, per the lawsuit. Cauthen, who started contract work with the Spurs in September 2021, first reported Primo’s behavior in January and later filed “numerous complaints” to several people in San Antonio’s leadership that included general manager Brian Wright in March and deputy general counsel Brandon James and head of human resources Kara Allen in May concerning the alleged sexual misconduct.

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