New Commanders ownership could boost new stadium efforts in D.C.

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In the immediate aftermath of Wednesday’s announcement that Commanders owner Daniel Snyder is exploring a potential sale of the team, it was pointed that a new owner would quite possibly be given the keys to the old RFK Stadium site, for the construction of a new, world-class facility.

It’s becoming more and more clear that new management is far more likely to manage a new stadium than Snyder.

As noted by the Washington Post, D.C. Mayor Murial Bowser told reporters that a sale could indeed help lead to a stadium.

It sounds like a positive move for the team,” Bowser said. “There have been a lot of objections raised about the team coming back to RFK, where it played for many years, and the ownership was one. The name was one. So, I think a number of the obstacles of that people have raised as criticisms [are going away].”

The bottom line is that it appears no one wants to work with Snyder. Such a relationship currently is viewed by some (or many . . . or most . . . or all) to be the equivalent of eating toxic sludge rolled in radioactive gravel and deep fried in rattlesnake venom.

With Snyder out, that changes. And if Snyder tries to change his mind about selling the team, it will become even harder to find public assistance of any kind unless and until he signs the team over to a new owner.

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