Syracuse falls flat on offense (and likely out of the polls) with 19-9 loss at Pitt (final score, recap)

Pittsburgh — The No. 20 Syracuse football team takes on the Pittsburgh Panthers at 3:30 p.m. Saturday at Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh.

The game will air on ACC Network.

See in-game team and individual stats here.

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Final: Pittsburgh 19, Syracuse 9

Fourth quarter

Pitt drive starts 1:34 at Syracuse 31-yard line

Pitt will run it out, and Syracuse will fall to 6-3 on the season (and likely out of the polls).

SCORE UPDATE: Pittsburgh 19, Syracuse 9 with 1:35 remaining fourth quarter

Syracuse drive starts 1:40 at own 1-yard line

Pitt gets a safety on the first play of the drive; a Del Rio-Wilson sack.

Of course.

Pitt drive starts 4:52 at own 25-yard line

Cignetti cuts the cuteness and gives it to Hammond to start winding clock. He feeds Hammond again for a first down, and that’ll help the cause. Hammond has a career-high 103 yards on 23 carries.

Hammond picks up the second first down of the drive with about 2:30 remaining, and Dino Babers has to start thinking about using his three timeouts.

SU calls its first timeout with 2:03 remaining and the ball placed near midfield. Babers takes his second timeout with 1:54 left on the clock and 3rd-and-3 from the Syracuse 46-yard line.

Here we go.

Hammond is stopped just short of the first-down marker. Syracuse calls its final timeout with 1:49 left in the fourth quarter.

Pitt will show as if it will go for it to win the game. It takes the delay of game, as the crowd dislikes the decision.

SCORE UPDATE: Pittsburgh 17, Syracuse 9 with 4:52 remaining fourth quarter

Syracuse drive starts 7:45 at own 15-yard line

Syracuse had 94 yards of offense at halftime. With less than 7 minutes remaining, it had 92 before Carlos Del-Rio Wilson picks up 15 on the 3rd-down conversion.

Del Rio-Wilson then hits the deep ball to Adams for a 45-yard completion down to the Pitt 25-yard line. He looks toward Adams again down the right seam, but Devonshire is there to break it up.

Del Rio-Wilson misses for Gadsden, but the two have been unable to hook up all day.

That’a huge sack by Syracuse native SirVocea back at the 32-yard line.

That 6-yard loss makes a huge difference for Szmyt kicking into the wind.

His 49-yard kick is low and drilled through the uprights.

Pitt drive starts 8:48 at own 40-yard line

Pitt, for some reason, airs it out and then has to kill a play with a throw out of bounds.

Pitt, for some reason, burns about a minute off the clock.

Syracuse drive starts 10:40 at own 32-yard line

Del Rio-Wilson runs out bounds near the line of scrimmage, but Dayon Hayes is offsides.

Shayne Simon blows through a missed block to blow up Tucker for a loss.

Then Deslin Alexandre throws Del Rio-Wilson for a 7-yard loss on the sack, knocking Syracuse below the 100-yard mark for total offense.

SU will punt.

We’re almost done here.

Pitt drive starts 12:36 at own 28-yard line

Cignetti Jr. dials up the inside tunnel to Mumpfield, who sets up a manageable 3rd-and-3 from their own 35-yard line.

Mikel Jones with a big stop (and Rob Hanna) to bring up 4th-and-short.

Pitt will punt it away, missing a chance to run more clock.

Syracuse is hanging around.

Syracuse drive starts 13:28 at Pitt 27-yard line

Sean Tucker runs off the left side but is hit immediately for a 1-yard loss.

Del Rio-Wilson tries to squeeze one into Gadsden, but it is broken up.

On 3rd-and-11, the pass is tipped and harmessly falls incomplete.

Szmyt’s 46-yard field goal dies in the wind.

Pitt drive starts 0:20 (third quarter) at own 32-yard line

On 3rd-and-5 from the Pitt 37-yard line, Caleb Okechukwu throws Slovis for a 12-yard loss. Syracuse has life but must make up a couple scores.

Here’s a weird one: A punt is drilled into the masses near scrimmage, resulting in a 2-yard punt. The ball was illegally touched and downed at the Pitt 27-yard line.

Third quarter

END OF THE THIRD QUARTER: Pittsburgh 17, Syracuse 6

Pitt drive starts 0:20 at own 32-yard line

Syracuse drive starts 1:49 at own 25-yard line

Syracuse has just 100 yards of total offense at the start of this drive.

Del Rio-Wilson is sacked on third down, as Syracuse goes three-and-out.

SCORE UPDATE: Pittsburgh 17, Syracuse 6 with 1:49 remaining third quarter

Pitt drive starts 8:08 at own 35-yard line

C’Bo Flemister, the team’s fourth-string tailback, in the game now with Abanikanda out. He then makes a mean cut to reverse field and find grass on the edge.

On 3rd-and-2, Flemister grinds out the tough, 3-yard gain for a first down at the SU 28-yard line.

Nice pocket awareness by Slovis to feel the rush and step up to deliver a strike to Wayne down at the 1-yard line.

Pitt polishes off the drive on the 1-yard give to Flemister, who flips over the pile.

Syracuse drive starts 9:44 at own 14-yard line

Devin Danielson called for roughing the passer to push the ball up to the 29-yard line.

Drive stalls out again, as Del Rio-Wilson tucks and is stopped well short of the first-down marker.

Pitt’s defense bails out Frank Cignetti Jr.

Back-to-back 50-yard punts by Von Marburg, but Devonshire brings it back 20 yards.

Pitt drive starts 10:37 at own 40-yard line

Von Marburg uncorks a 50-yard punt, and he needed every bit of it. Key possession coming up, as a two-score lead may feel like more on a day points have been hard to come by.

Slovis swings one out to Mumpfield for a 29-yard gain down to the Syracuse 31-yard line.

Naturally, Pitt pulls out a trick play. Jared Wayne’s pass is picked off by Isaiah Johnson. Ball was well underthrown.

Syracuse takes over on a baffling, double pass playcall.

Syracuse drive starts 12:26 at own 20-yard line

Wes Hoeh with a holding penalty to negate a big completion to Oronde Gadsden II. That’s a big one to put the offense off schedule and behind the chains deep in its own territory.

Del Rio-Wilson is sacked by SirVocea Dennis and Deslin Alexandre to bring up 3rd-and-long.

Devonshire drops an intercepiton as D’Marcus Adams and Del Rio-Wilson aren’t on the same page.

Hoeh’s penalty stalls out the drive.

Pitt drive starts 15:00 at own 25-yard line

JT Geer is down after the second play of the quarter. SU’s defensive line is already running on fumes. Geer hobbles off the field with the help of the training staff.

Freshman Kevin Jobity in the game for Geer.

Slovis has a ton of time on the play-action and checks it down to Hammond for a short completion.

On 3rd-and-8 from the Pitt 42-yard line, Carter makes a tackle in 1-on-1 coverage to force a punt after the gain of 6 yards.

Halftime: Pittsburgh 10, Syracuse 6

It’s unseasonably warm but typical November football in Pittsburgh, as the Panthers and Orange played the opening 30 minutes in less than 90 minutes of real time.

Syracuse has two explosive plays, both on completions to Damien Alford.

Pitt has run the ball 20 times for 86 yards and the game’s only touchdown, a 6-yard score by Rodney Hammond.

The team’s No. 2 tailback, Hammond is elevated onto the top line with Israel Abanikanda, the ACC’s leading rusher, out for the game.

Sean Tucker, presented with an opportunity to make up serious ground on Abanikanda for the league’s rushing title, has been limited to 16 yards on eight carries.

Syracuse is averaging less than 4 yards per play in Carlos Del Rio-Wilson’s first career start.

Second quarter

Syracuse drive starts 0:05 at own 25-yard line

Syracuse kneels out the half.

SCORE UPDATE: Pittsburgh 10, Syracuse 6 with 0:05 remaining second quarter

Pitt drive starts 1:01 at own 30-yard line

Nice open-field tackle by Anwar Sparrow on the punt return.

Pitt has one timeout remaining about a minute of clock to try to muster a late score.

Freshman cornerback Jeremiah Wilson with a nice hit on the screen.

Pitt moves it across midfield on the completion to Wayne. The Panthers are in business here.

Slovis escapes and picks up 4 before running out of bounds with 23 seconds left in the half.

Slovis goes back to Wayne on back-to-back plays at the Syracuse 20-yard line.

Pitt uses its final timeout with 8 seconds remaining.

It will attempt a 38-yard field goal. A presnap penalty on Pitt’s Jake McConnachie will push it back 5 yards and make it a 43-yard attempt.

Syracuse drive starts 2:10 at own 28-yard line

Now Del Rio-Wilson drops the ball trying to evade pressure. He recovers the fumble.

On 3rd-and-10 from the SU 28-yard line, Syracuse concedes the drive and runs Tucker.

Pitt calls its second timeout with 1:12 remaining in the second quarter.

Pitt drive starts 3:44 at own 25-yard line

Pitt self-destructs on 3rd-and-short, as Slovis drops the ball. Pitt recovers but will have to punt it away.

Syracuse calls its first timeout with 2:22 remaining in the first half.

SCORE UPDATE: Pittsburgh 7, Syracuse 6 with 3:44 remaining second quarter

Syracuse drive starts 5:04 at own 35-yard line

Del Rio-Wilson pumps and finds Alford downfield. The receiver’s 31-yard reception comes on a great in-air adjustment.

Tucker then grinds out 4 yard to the Pitt 30-yard line.

On 3rd-and-6, Del Rio-Wilson looks toward Alford down the left sideline.

Andre Szmyt will attempt a 48-yard field goal.

The kick is good.

Pitt drive starts 9:32 (first quarter) at own 28-yard line

Another wonky kick by Von Marburg, this one still nets 40+ on the roll.

Vincent Davis with 8 on the first play of the drive. Davis then moves the chains.

Pitt converts on 3rd-and-short for a fresh set of down across midfield. Pitt has driven into SU territory on all three possessions of the first half.

Pitt is almost throwing exclusively off play-action here in the first half. Slovis couldn’t uncork the deep shot, then undershot his target underneath.

Slovis delivers a strike deep middle toward Wayne, but he drops it. Those are the ones Pitt can’t botch.

Slovis then dumps it off to tight end Gavin Bartholomew, who fumbles out of bounds.

Pitt punts for the first time and commits another awful penalty. Trebor Pena fakes the fair catch and Karter Johnson nails him. It’ll be unnecessary roughness with targeting. Play is under review. There is no targeting. Johnson stays in the game.

The ball is placed at the Syracuse 35-yard line.

Syracuse drive starts 10:26 at own 25-yard line

Right side of the SU line gives up pressure, resulting in an incomplete pass.

Del Rio-Wilson’s third-down pass is tipped and falls incomplete.

Syracuse goes three-and-out for the second time on three drives.

SCORE UPDATE: Pittsburgh 7, Syracuse 3 with 10:26 left in second quarter

Pitt drive starts 0:19 (first quarter) at own 29-yard line

Rodney Hammond picks up 12 on the first carry of the second quarter.

Then Slovis goes play-action to Jared Wayne for a 24-yard gain down to the Syracuse 30-yard line. Pitt has put together two good drives to start here, but it has to finish. Isaiah Johnson had a shot at another interception down near the red area.

On 3rd-and-5 from the SU 25-yard line, Mumpfield reaches the ball out for a first down as Jason Simmons Jr had him wrapped up at the ankles.

Hammond takes the direct snap and picks up another first inside the 10-yard line down to the 6.

Hammond finishes the drive off with a 6-yard touchdown.

First quarter

END OF FIRST QUARTER: Syracuse 3, Pittsburgh 0

Pitt drive starts 0:19 at own 29-yard line

Slovis completes a pass to Konata Mumpfield, and thus ends a very fast opening quarter.

SCORE UPDATE: Syracuse 3, Pittsburgh 0 with 0:26 left in first quarter

Syracuse drive starts 7:32 at own 20-yard line

Garrett Shrader is now out of his uniform, effectively ruling his out for this one. JaCobian Morgan made the trip and would be the presumed No. 2 behind Del Rio-Wilson.

On 3rd-and-1, Del Rio-Wilson takes a high snap and gives to Sean Tucker, who bounces it outside for a first down.

Chris Bleich called for his second false start in as many drives.

Del Rio-Wilson fires one out to Damien for a first down near midfield. Then M.J. Devonshire gets called for a defensive pass interference to advance the ball into Pitt territory down to the Pitt 41-yard line.

Pitt gets handsy here on the second series. A personal foul facemask on Habakkuk Baldonado makes it 1st-and-goal from the 8-yard line.

Tucker is short on 2nd-and-goal from the 1 to bring up 3rd-and-goal. SU goes fast and, and Tucker loses 4 yards.

Syracuse will settle for a short, 22-yard field goal.

Syracuse chewed up 7:06 on the 12-play, 75-yard drive.

Pitt drive starts 12:57 at Syracuse 45-yard line

Just a 23-yard punt from Max Von Marburg. Pitt sets up in SU territory. Pitt uses its first timeout at the 12:11 mark of the first quarter.

A promising drive ends poorly for the Panthers, as Kedon Slovis forces an unnecessary throw into coverage in the end zone, where Ja’Had Carter comes down with the interception to end the drive.

Pitt worked down a short field into the red zone with Rodney Hammond, the team’s No. 1 tailback with Israel Abanikanda not expected to play.

Slovis’s second pass attempt promptly ends the drive.

Syracuse drive starts 14:54 at own 35-yard line

Enrique Cruz starting at right tackle for the Orange with Kalan Ellis out. Dakota Davis shifts inside to his natural guard spot on the left side next to Matthew Bergeron.

Syracuse gets nothing on its first two plays, then a presnap penalty on Chris Bleich.

On 3rd-and-long, Solomon DeShields sacks Del Rio-Wilson, and Syracuse goes three-and-out.


Good afternoon from the Steel City, where the weather gods have blessed us with a 75-degree day on the first weekend of November.

Conditions are not completely immaculate. It will be gusty, with bursts of wind touching 20 mph.

How might that favor the home team, which leans on its ground game with the ACC’s leading rusher, Israel Abanikanda, and a defense that is stout up front and has talent at all three levels?

We’ll see.

But the one thing Pitt decidedly is not is explosive through the air. If the wind impacts playcalling, I expect it to affect Syracuse a bit more. The Orange has been balanced offensively, with Robert Anae’s Air Raid flavor helping SU start 6-0 earlier this season.

Garrett Shrader made the trip and is taking pregame snaps from Josh Ilaoa, the team’s No. 2 center. Carlos Del Rio-Wilson was working with first-team center Carlos Vettorello.

Left guard Kalan Ellis is here; defensive back Alijah Clark is not.

Big news on the Pitt side: Star running back Israel Abanikanda is not expected to play (injury-related). Rodney Hammond, the team’s No. 2 back, is a few weeks out since returning from an early season ankle injury.


It hasn’t been great when Syracuse starts its backup QB. Carlos Del Rio-Wilson could change that

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