Winners and losers from a telling Week 10

Is there anything better than college football?

Week 10 promised to be one of the best of the college football season, and it delivered. The most important development of the weekend is the departure of both Alabama and Clemson from the College Football Playoff stage. The Tide’s loss to LSU eliminates it from playoff contention. The Tigers’ blowout defeat to Notre Dame all but does the same for them. This will likely be the first time that neither Alabama nor Clemson make the field of four. 

And man, things are wide open for everyone else! LSU, Oregon, USC, UCLA, TCU, Tennessee, whoever finishes second in the Big Ten East — all of those teams have hope now that the Tide and the Tigers are out of the picture. 

But that’s enough playoff talk for today. Let’s get into what was a magical week of football

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